How to Water Your Veggie Garden

When you have a home garden you need to think about how you'll water.  The soil needs to be kept at a level of moisture where it is not waterlogged or at the other extreme, so deprived of water that the plants die. Somewhere in between those polar opposites lies the point you are aiming for.  When you garden with the Vital Veggies super soil, it's quite difficult to waterlog the soil and with a raised bed garden you'll discover any over watering is absorbed into the subsoil or trickles out the side of the bed. 

One of the other lovely features of the Vital Veggies soil, is it's adsorption capacity; meaning few nutrients are leached out of the garden with any water because of the soils designed high cation exchange capacity - ability to hold and release available minerals.

Further, the high rates of soil organic matter act sponge like to store and release water as is needed. Additionally we've added a very special clay material that absorbs 5 times its weight in water and then slowly releases it as is needed.

Overall the Vital Veggies super soil makes watering a breeze. We also suggest, where possible, using rainwater in preference to chlorinated town supply.

Your options for watering:

Vital Veggies watering system

1) By hand, using a spray nozzle or a watering can.

If you have the time to use this method this is the best. This method can closely simulate rain than any other watering system. It keeps the plants leaves clean and can deliver homeopathic doses of minerals to the leaves in the form of a foliar  feed.  The best are nozzle wands that can be turned upwards so the water is falling exactly like rain onto the plants and the soil. There are also water cans you can find in nurseries with the spray nozzle upward facing.

Of all the ways to water, this is the most time consuming way. It also involves the lowest outlay for a spray nozzle or water cans.

Vital Veggies garden watering system

2) With a fixed irrigation system

Here are the options.

a) Drip irrigation lines– manually set to water

This choice involves a lot less work than hand watering and is setup irrigation line running the entire length of a bed at 11cm intervals across the bed.

b) Drip irrigation lines – on a tap timer

This has automated turn on and turn off to give a greater ease of use with set and forget functionality. The Vital Veggies Team will set all this for you at installation. For the small additional outlay for most beds, this is the easy way to water.

You can establish your outlay for an irrigation system by following this link and selecting your preferred garden bed.