What Our Clients Say

" I would like to say thank you to Roger Carthew and his team at Vital Veggies for the help they have provided me in getting my veggie garden growing. I was amazed at how quick response I was given once I made that initial phone call to Roger for help with my veggie garden.

Wright from the word go, he came back  with a plan that would suite my needs by providing and installing three hoop raised beds with netting and irrigation to all my raised beds including three of my own. I know we had problem's with the irrigation system at first but Roger would not let the problem beat him in any way. Thanks too Roger, I have no more leak's in my irrigation system at all now and can enjoy watching my veggie garden come to life with all the goodness that his soil gives to my veggies.

He is very easy to talk too if you have problems or want too know anything about growing veggies and what sort's are available to grow. If I require more help with my veggie garden, I know that Roger Carthew is only a phone call away.

I just want to say Thanks Heaps Roger and his Vital Veggie Team for the help and confidence that you have given me in being able to grow my own vegetables at home.

I would rate Roger's service with a 5 star for excellent service that he provides to his customer's like me. "

Kindest Regards
Robwyn Mugg

" Many thanks for my new garden beds. It would never have occurred to me I could put them where they are but as it doubles my garden space I am glad you suggested it. 

I was really surprised how well everything grew, especially during that week of 40 degrees, their only protection being a veggie net over them.

I picked my first corn the other week. I had a taste to see if it was ready or not and it was soooo good, juicy and sweet, that I ate it there and then, as I have with the other cobs I have picked since. I am really looking forward to the beans being ready.

So many thanks for your service and especially your passion for everything edible in the garden. I just wish I had more room for more beds…

Lynette Krause

"It might seem premature to write a testimonial for an installation that has only been in a couple of months, but I want to say how pleased we are with what Roger has achieved with us.

We had a pretty productive veggie patch at our previous home, however we couldn't seem to get good results since we moved to our current dwelling a little over three years ago.

We knew what we had to do: remove pencil pines that stood tall in the garden, littering the topsoil with their detritus and throwing too much shade. We also wanted a raised bed, so we could introduce superior soil. Good soil is the fundamental requisite to good growing…plus water and sunshine of course.

We sketched up what we wanted and started getting landscapers in to work up quotes. However, none of these seemed to be willing to take on the job.

Our courtyard was looking terrible, as we had removed the trees and not done any maintenance, in the expectation we would be underway with our plans. It was frustrating and time wasting, as the aforementioned landscapers showed no interest.

In desperation we went to one of those house and garden expos. My thinking was if a business really wanted business, it invests in marketing. It was there we found Roger and VitalVeggies. The bed he displayed was very much what we wanted aesthetically, but it was his passion for soil and organics that really impressed.

Things then advanced quickly. Roger took the time to carefully measure up, noting all the peculiarities (it wasn't an orthodox job) and discussing options and solutions to ensure we would be happy with the look as well as the function.  We found him to be prompt – on time – and courteous. It was a reasonably difficult task, as evidenced by the reluctance of the aforementioned, but Roger thought it through in minute detail, explaining all the way the rationale.

So, does it work?

Roger finished the installation a few days before Christmas. We planted seedlings between Christmas and New Year – very late for things like tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber and so on.  However, and despite the heatwaves, everything has taken off! We are harvesting lettuce, parsley, basil, spring onions, and other herbs, and the tomatoes etc are flowering profusely.  Furthermore, there is no evidence of pests or diseases, but we've noticed there's quite a few more happy bees buzzing around.

Based on our experience to date, I am confident that VitalVeggies will satisfy you. You'll be harvesting and eating delicious home-grown food in no time."

Phil McEvoy