Gardening and food sovereignty

With the recent launch of the People's Food Plan from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance I'd like to quote some of the words of Costa Giorgiadis:

" Currently in Australia our food system is dominated by an ever smaller group of companies upholding an industrial supply and distribution system that has disconnected the food on our plates with the living produce in a farmer's paddocks. 

Food sovereignty
And the intimate connection of food as our daily nutrition and health provider has been replaced by a product: a commodity, that has a price at the farm gate, a price to the retailer and a final price to the supermarket shopper. When we look at food as a health industry then the significance of a real vision around food and the environment is clear. A new vision and a new food system starts with regenerative and holistic agricultural practices based around locally-produced food. This by default creates food security through the broader significance of food sovereignty. You know your food because it is local and in season.  Conscious understanding of our food and its journey gives us the power to change the world around us. Unknowingly,  everyone's food choices are shaping our world,
Food sovereignty
Food sovereignty
so a very conscious buy-in to a real People's Food Plan is the vehicle of change, capable of engaging everyone with a new level of environmental understanding and stewardship through personal health and nutrition.

Vital Veggies offers you a solution to improve your control over your fresh veggies supply. Everything we do at Vital Veggies matches what's desirable to regain sovereignty over some of your food supply. The more garden you have, the greater your food sovereignty. A Vital Veggies garden in your backyard is certainly local, it's certainly natural, biological and organic, it's certainly set up with soil that has the correct mineral balances, active biology and with a Vital Veggies Visit Plan, regularly foliar feed, weeded and cared for.

For what is a small investment outlay you can have your garden space producing healthy veggies.

Food sovereignty is potentially within your grasp. It's a bit like giving the planet the flick.

Call us at Vital Veggies for your natural, organic step toward food sovereignty.