Chook Houses

Chooks are relentless foragers, transforming what many would consider waste into eggs.
In a home garden chooks will recycle kitchen scraps, control pests, forage in spaces provided, control weeds, fertilize the soil and cluck their way around the garden, providing fun and amusement to everyone who watches them. They contribute to an integrated waste management system for your home.

We can supply and install the most appropriate chook house to suit your yard and budget. We'll also supply you with chickens at point of lay and depending on your garden space, we can set up a Chicken Management System (CMS) for you.

All chook houses are supplied and installed with a hanging chicken feeder, waterer, feed bin and the first bag of natural feed.

Standard chook house

Chook house laying shelf

This standard chook house is 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.9m high.
It has a large access door and a laying shelf.
Suitable for up to 2 chickens, or 4 with a run.

Deluxe chook house

Deluxe Chicken House

The deluxe chook house is 1.5m x 2.9m x 1.5m high.
It has a large access door and includes a laying shelf, ladders and a perch, and a small access door for easy egg collection.
Suitable for up to 6 chickens, or up to 8 with a run.
Please Note: Council regulations may limit you to 6 chooks.

Garden bed chook house

Movable chooks house for garden beds

This movable chook house is specially designed and constructed to sit on top of a Vital Veggies timber garden bed.
As needed it can be moved to successive garden beds providing year round natural fertilisation for your soil.
Dimensions are variable to suit the garden bed but are approximately 1.2m x 3m in floor space. They can be fitted with an air humidifier should your chooks need air conditioning during heat waves.

Chicken Management Systems

Chicken grazing management in garden

Chickens love to graze but they can devastate your garden space.
The Chicken Management System (CMS) is designed so that chickens can graze in one area while other areas regenerate. The clever design combines black mesh fencing with steel gates that open and close off each area. Magnetic catches on the gates provide you with easy access.
There is extensive scientific research that validates the importance of 'mob grazing'. Pioneered by ecologist
Allan Savory
it reveals that large numbers of animals grazing in small areas for short times replicates the actions of mobs of animals moving through a savannah landscape.
The CMS facilitates this, allowing chooks to free-range forage and socialise in a contained area while the other areas of the CMS regenerate and grow a luscious new crop of green chook food.