Food and Health – Dr Terry Wahls

Please take the time to watch this series of videos and if you want control of your own health destiny, do what she suggests. She's right on the ball. Grow your own food and if we can help you with Vital Veggies, please contact us now.

In the case of Dr Wahls, it took a life challenging event that provoked her as a medical doctor to research and discover the foundations of what gave her good health. Failing to eat health giving food means we are abusing our propensity for good health. She ate her way to good health which is a nice twist on how to be healthy.

We at Vital Veggies want for you to enjoy the tasty healthy veggies you can grow right at home in your backyard. Join us now!

Dr Terry Wahls Video

Brain Health, Part 1

Brain Health, Part 2

Brain Health, Part 3

Brain Health, Part 4

Brain Health, Part 5

Brain Health, Part 6