Gardening For Seniors

Gardening is for everyone, of any age.

What's especially good about gardening are the multiple benefits that come from the activity. There's substantial evidence that gardening for the aged achieves the following:

- Provides physical activity that can be tailored to the individual - Allows people to interact socially in shared activities - Provides meaningful leisure activities - Grows fresh produce and flowers for people to share and eat - gets people outdoors with all the benefits that flow from that

All of this has been measured scientifically to improve quality of life for participants.

With Vital Veggies our soil guarantee's success in the simplest of ways.

One major benefit will be the chemical free nature of gardening so there are no dangerous chemicals around of any kind. This is safer for all concerned.

Because at Vital Veggies we exclusively use our super soil, the results are guaranteed. Plants grow healthier, naturally.

Our balanced, healthy soils lead to healthy plants and healthier people. There's a huge body of science that points to this and checking out the resources within this website validates that.

Additionally, and as your needs dictate, we can provide watering systems from the manual to the automatic.

Finally, using our raised bed gardens allows people to work at a height which can cater for people with wide and varied disabilities. We at Vital Veggies invite you to call us to discuss installing raised bed gardens so you get all the benefits and pleasure a veggie garden can give you. We'll also tailor our support activities to match your needs.

If you need more convincing, please watch this video