Our Alliances

Food, glorious food.

We eat it, peoples' livelihoods depend on it, some profit from it and others waste it beyond belief.

How we spend our food money has created industrial empires which perpetuate our petro-chemical based food systems – both growing and distributing. Here you'll find some links to organizations we build alliances with – that have a similar message to our own. They are not part of the agro-industrial complex. 

We build alliances with organizations committed to unraveling the tentacle stranglehold major corporations hold over our food, how it's grown and how it's distributed. We see food as nourishment which must be nutrient dense, grown locally, organically, sustainably with community in mind.

Here are a few with whom we share this philosophy…

Food Sovereinty
True Food Network
Social Traders Finder
Social Traders
Diggers Club
Biodynamic Agriculture Australia
Healthy Soils Australia
safe Food Foundation

Disclaimer: The use of these logos does not represent an endorsement of all or any of the activities of Vital Veggies. They are used to provide a visual link to that organizations website.

Vital Veggies supports growing nutrient dense food locally, organically, sustainably with community in mind. Starting sooner, rather than later is the best thing you can do! Even spending some of your food money to support local, organic, sustainable and nutrient dense foods will make a difference – best is growing it in your own backyard.