Compost Bins for Vegetable Gardens

A veggie garden without a composting system is like a mining operation – you are extracting nutrients from the veggies and soil without considering the future needs of the plants.
Composting takes the spent waste from your garden and, through a transformative process, returns the nutrients back into your garden, closing the recycling loop. Making compost is part of an integrated system of growing and recycling food, where different streams of waste material end up as food for hens, worm farms, rabbits or other small animals and eventually for us.

Think of your soil is a battery that stores carbon, water, minerals, and is a home for billions of soil micro-organisms. A rich soil full of composted organic matter will provide an abundance of available nutrients for your growing plants, so they can in turn provide an abundance of nutrient dense veggies for you.

Making compost is both a science and an art and entire books have been written on the topic, however it need not be onerous.
In general you need

1) a space for marshalling the various garden waste materials, and
2) a container to hold the materials once combined during their composting.

Compost is made by layering materials such as dry weeds, spent plants, grass clippings, various manures, kitchen scraps, small tree cuttings and leaves, and then adding biodynamic compost balls and ensuring adequate moisture. Adding rock dusts to the heap is also beneficial. Check out how to make compost here.

A set of 3 compost bins is ideal for the average vegetable garden. You can be adding to one bin while the other two are 'cooking'. If you are on a Vital Veggies regular servicing plan, you simply assemble the materials ready for use and we'll make the compost for you.

Large, inexpensive plastic compost bins are available from garden centres. Alternatively you can make a set of compost bins yourself or have a composting bin system custom made by Vital Veggies.

Let's all start composting our kitchen and garden waste on site to recycle all those valuable nutrients back into our gardens. It's so easy once you get started…

Steel mesh compost bins

Stell mesh garden compost bin

These compost bins are a simple and inexpensive design, comprising star posts and steel mesh.

Wooden compost bins

Wooden compost bin in Adelaide

These wooden compost bins are visually appealing, especially if you've opted for wooden garden beds. Made of Tan-E treated pine they meet Australian Standards and are made to last.