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Vital Veggies plants

Vital Veggies has been some twenty years in the making.

Roger Carthew, the founder of Vital Veggies has always had an interest in food, growing food and how it contributes to human health. He established Vital Veggies to inspire others to grow food that is organic, nutrient dense, healthy, easy and fun!

A social enterprise

Vital Veggies is a new breed of enterprise, in fact a social enterprise where the intent is to achieve a range of outcomes way beyond those you'd expect from a "for profit" organization. At Vital Veggies we guide and teach people how to grow food in their own backyards - to in fact empower them. At the community level, we help to set up community gardens and install food gardens in kindergartens and schools, providing educational outcomes for the entire community.

If you're interested in learning more about social enterprises, please watch this ABC television report on some Melbourne based social enterprises.

We make it easy for you

Our entire service of setting up food gardens is designed to make it easier than going to the supermarket or shopping centre for fruit and vegtables, and a lot more good healthy fun.

Since 2012, we have been developing, testing and refining our special blend of Vital Veggies super soil, designing, making and testing the raised garden beds and verifying the cultural practices we use. The vegtable growing service in Adelaide now provided by the Vital Veggies team has evolved simply to help everyone grow fruit and vegetables easily in their own back yards and front yards.

No matter how much or how little space you have, whether it's a paddock, a small plot, a patio, a side fence or even a balcony, you can grow food!

Beat the system

Mega corporations dominate our current food production system, putting quantity and profit above food quality. Vital Veggies is passionate about reclaiming our right to eat organic, nutrient dense, delicious food that can restore our health and vitality. Check out this video on the subversive activity of gardening.

We are intent on making a difference, one garden at a time.