Vegetable gardening for schools

Gardening is an especially valuable activity for children. With many homes lacking the space to have a vegetable garden these days, schools have a growing community role to share the experience of vegetable gardening.

Here's a few of the benefits students will gain…

- Outdoor activity - Learning about seeds and how to plant and grow them - Watering of plants - Harvesting of plants and seasonality in produce - Soil - Soil testing - Fertilizing - Compost - Worm farms - Soil life – biology - Hydrological Cycles, Nitrogen Cycles, Carbon Cycles - Trace elements - Preparing and cooking fresh food - All aspects of sustainability can be linked into gardening - Group activities – sharing

There are multiple educational benefits from gardening and doing it biologically. With Vital Veggies our great attention to the soil at the beginning, means that the rest follows easily.

Our gardens are always chemical free so there are no dangerous toxics around to worry about and manage. This is safer for all concerned. At Vital Veggies we exclusively use our super soil, so plants grow healthier, naturally.

This approach to gardening and farming has been scientifically validated in many research institutes. It's organic – biodynamic farming in the garden.

Finally, using our raised bed gardens makes gardening physically much easier. We'll also tailor our support activities to match your needs.

Check out our school gardens in Adelaide and the reaction of the children as they plant the veggies… and please call us at Vital Veggies to discuss your school garden plans

You can download the veggie colouring-in sheets right here