Installing and filling your veggie garden

Once you've seen all the great, fantastic and compelling reasons for having a veggie garden, the next thing is to choose the area you have available, then a raised garden bed that meets your needs for utility and style and finally to have it installed and filled with Vital Veggies super soil.  The team at Vital Veggies can guide you through every step of this process, making life easy for you.

Most importantly, is the space you have for the garden and the way the sun reaches the garden bed - as a minimum, you need six hours of direct sun a day for your garden to grow effectively.  In a brief telephone chat, we can have a clear understanding of how to aspect your garden and the size which best fits your needs. With this, we can give you the outlay involved for installing and filling your garden.

This price is related to where you live and the cubic size of the raised bed garden.

We only ever use our super soil to fill your garden, as it is most likely to lead to success.

We do however; give you the choice of selecting either one of our raised bed gardens or to use your own. For us, what's important is you get the advantage of our super soil and if you so desire, our veggie growing service.  Off course, there are price advantages in bundling a raised bed garden, with installation and soil plus a garden service.  Talk to us and we'll give you the figures and soon you could be out there in the garden!