Vital Veggies Outdoors Indoors with Kim Syrus

Vital Veggies collaborated with the TV program ‘Outdoors Indoors’ during 2017 to bring viewers lots of great ideas and tips for starting and maintaining their vegetable gardens. The Spring 2017 episodes, hosted by Kim Syrus, aired on Channel 9 at 4.30pm on Sundays from 24 September 2017.

We had a great time filming these segments with Kim and his team, and hope you enjoy watching them!

Episode 1: Why put in a food garden?

Episode 2: Trellises and nets for vertical training

Episode 3: Soil and Courtyard food garden design

Episode 4: The importance of worms

Episode 5: Lawns to food gardens

Episode 6: Converting lawn areas into a productive food garden

Episode 7: Side Gardens

Episode 8: Herbs and Flowers in the Veggie Garden

Episode 9: Integrated Food Systems

Episode 10: Conventional, Organic and Biodynamic Food Growing