Selecting your veggies and herbs

Harvesting fresh veggies and herbs straight from the garden is but part of the pleasures of watching your plants grow.  Even better, is in its sharing and eating.

Vital Veggies via Digger Club
Preferred seed supplier to Vital Veggies

When it comes to choosing your veggies and herbs, you can check out our lists on the left and you can download the gourmet or the basic selections order forms right here.

You'll discover varieties that you'll rarely see in supermarkets or veggie shops; chosen especially because we want you to discover, taste and enjoy the experience of having a garden – making the whole experience even that much more delectable.

The other thing you discover about watching veggies grow, is, it takes time. You'll come to appreciate the onion which takes over six months to grow, or a turnip that takes two to three months to grow, just to give a few examples and there is more here.

Even before you see a seedling in your garden, we ordered that seed from Diggers, planted it and grew it 8 to 12 weeks ahead. That's why sometimes we have to ask you to accept substitutions and also why for all successional plantings, we need to know what you next want 6-8 weeks before we can plant them for you.

With your own home garden you'll be more closely connected with the seasonality of produce and just how much you can grown in your garden plot.  It can be feast or famine, so be ready to share with friends or preserve any surpluses you may have and also, be ready to supplement what you grow with produce from your local fruit and veggie shop. Additionally, learn about preserving food, freezing food and in general, just being aware of how we can change our behaviors so we utilize all of the food we have available to us.

Growing your own food brings a new found awareness of the seasons, of nature and how it's all connected to us and what we have available to grace our table.

Whilst you may call on the Vital Veggies team a lot to start with, time may see you becoming more independent and we'd encourage you to be so.

Good gardening and enjoyable eating!

Please note:

Our seedlings, like our garden soil and biodynamic compost is only available to clients of Vital Veggies. We do not sell seedlings or biodynamic compost separately. Our service is to support you in growing veggies with vitality and hence our name.

All vegetable and herb images are used with the permission of The Diggers Club our preferred seed supplier to Vital Veggies