Garden Watering

Watering a garden so it responds to give you the best growth is always a concern to all with gardens. Too much water and soil is water logged. Not enough, the plants wilt and can suffer the other way. There are so many things that affect the water available to plants that a brief description here cannot cover the topic. With Vital Veggies super soil, you have the best possible soil that is both freeflowing and so prevents overwatering and absorptive so it stores water for ready availability when the plants need it. An ideal soil structure is one where the soil is 50% particulates, 25% water and 25% air. This balance has been found to provide a light, friable soil with great tilth. Just perfect for growing healthy plants.

Vital Veggies soil is the most reliable way to drought proof your garden. Enjoy good gardening and remember Vital Veggies soil makes your life easier in the garden.