Vital Veggie Garden Talks

Gardening and especially veggie gardening has a whole range of benefits that extend and multiply way beyond the growing and eating of the produce.

Roger Carthew is a capable, convincing public speaker on this topic and talks to the topics of soils, health, gardening and food.

As Roger's mother reminded him at a very early age, "there is nothing more important than good health!" Sadly, she died six months later at the young age of fourty six years.

Roger is an advocate of taking responsibility for your health.

It's often as simple as eating a diversity of foods with many different colours and shapes. Small portions and preferably organic or home garden grown with the aid of balanced, biologically active, nutrient endowed soils. All natural off course!

His knowledge about gardening finds it's foundation in the soil - a mystifying place where science today admits that as much as 20% of the planet's life forms reside, but about which, science knows very little.

He is interested in how gardens can support us physically, emotionally and spiritually and is able to talk to the topic. He has a keen interest in Nature and all this can provide to us.

For an entertaining talk on the importance of gardening call us now and book the talk.

Listen to Roger as he discuss about what is the secret of success in gardening at ABC radio with John Lamb and Deb Tribe. Please click below