The real veggie tale For Children

There's no argument, eating veggies is part of a balanced diet and they are good for you, especially if you have grown them yourself. We hope this small collection of Veggie Tales Videos will inspire young and old to love eating veggies more….Enjoy and please leave some time for the veggie garden.

Veggie Tales: The Hairbrush Song

I Love my Lips Silly Song

School House Polka

Fun for children

This cute video will have you enthralled…

Please share it with your children young and old.

Sally's garden

This cute video will have you growing veggies

It's infectious… go out and plant now ! 


How plants grow

Discover how plants grow, and never hide seeds in the earth.  Unless you want them to …. Grow.  

Growing a garden

Sesame street and a garden…

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We grow Vital Veggies for you so you'll love them just as much as the Veggie Tales videos. Eating fresh, home grown food has never been so much fun.