Feast on our Food Gardens

Below are some images of the food gardens we've installed around the suburbs of Adelaide South Australia. Follow the links to read all about the transformations.

Urrbrae Productive Garden

Being at the base of the freeway and on the cusp of the Adelaide Hills, this Urrbrae back yard was already quite pretty and well kept when we arrived. The original landscaping design included a few separate areas and levels built around a central lawn, giving it a decorative infrastructure, so in planning out the food garden design elements, we worked with all the existing structures and sections to keep the original design in tact. Read about it here...
Urrbrae BEFORE
Installation of raised bed veggie garden in Urrbrae Adelaide
Urrbrae AFTER
Newly installed veggie garden in Adelaide

Littlehampton Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Rectangular patches are fairly easy to work with but patches like this with odd angles can present some challenges, especially from a feng shui perspective. Our job here was to transform an odd-shaped patch of earth into a productive food garden. Read about it here...
Littlehampton BEFORE
Backyard vegetable garden installation in Little Hampton Adelaide
Littlehampton AFTER
Installed backyard vegetable garden in Littlehampton Adelaide

Ashton food garden

The location, shape and slope of this garden site gave us scope to create something special. With driveways down each side, the oddly shaped area needed to provide an attractive entrance to the property while maximising productive food growing space. Read about it here
Overview of backyard before the installation of vegetable garden in Ashton Adelaide
Ashton AFTER
Beautiful veggie garden installaed in Ashton Adelaide

Glenelg food garden

Whoever said you couldn’t grow veggies by the seaside – we are out to prove you wrong! Yes it may be pretty difficult in the seaside sandy soil, but bring in some raised beds and our Vital Veggies soil and you’ll have no problem. Read about it here
Vegetable Garden Installation in Glenelg Adelaide
Installed food gardens in Glenelg Adelide

Allenby Gardens food garden

What a lovely start to the year it was for us. Our first job off the ranks was a front yard food garden for a chef!!! As passionate foodies ourselves, we love top quality, organic/biodynamic produce so what a great pleasure it was to build a food garden for Lindi and Ivan in January.Read about it here...
Before the installation of side garden in Allenby Adelaide
Vertical vegetable garden installed at Allenby Adelaide
Frontyard garden before the installation
Frontyard vegetable raised bed gardens installed in Allenby Adelaide

Myrtle Bank front and back gardens, Adelaide

Do you live in a block of units? Take heart…your small garden space can be productive too! Read about it here
Newly installed frontyard garden beds in Myrtle Adelaide
Myrtle raised bed garden installed for vegetable planting

Kensington Gardens raised bed

Occasionally we are called in to do a ‘commando operation’. We arrive, instal and leave in one day. So it was with this garden. The owner had contacted us and arranged for a garden bed to be made on site and filledwith soil while his partner was away for the weekend.She would return to a lovely surprise. Read about it here...
Installation of herb and veggie garden in Kensington Adelaide

Aldinga raised beds

It’s a bit of a trek from Adelaide down to Aldinga Beach but what a lovely trek it is. And even more lovely when we arrive on the esplanade. Read about it here
Aldinga vegetable raised bed garden installation

Henley Beach balcony garden

On the third floor overlooking the ocean at Henley Beach is an apartment that now has a veggie garden on the balcony. Read about it here...
Installed patio garden bed in Henley beach Adelaide