How to Benefit from Growing Vital Veggies!

The food we eat is an immensely satisfying pleasure in our daily lives and a source of nutrition and nourishment to our body, mind and soul.

Food is to be enjoyed and savoured.

For us at Vital Veggies, we simply want to offer you a better way to get some of your fresh veggies. So here, you'll discover a collection of resources that could change the way you eat for evermore.

If your one of the majority that eats a conventional Western diet there's a growing understanding that your food could be quite literally killing you…

  • - by lacking in essential nutrients necessary for health.
  • - with the amount of highly refined foods, which are producing diseases of affluence
  • - by consuming foods that lack the balanced nutrient profiles to which our bodies have evolved

Hi, I'm Roger Carthew. As a kid I grew up in farming communities of South Australia's South East and the Mid North. During the 1990's, I dairy farmed just south of Adelaide, at Mount Compass. So, I've got my hands dirty with lots of practical, hands on farming experiences, growing a wide variety of things.

My desire now, is to help you grow your own food in your backyard - all naturally!

Please check out what's in this website. It will open a window on how our conventional food supply is slowly killing us!

Here's to your fantastically good health,

Roger Carthew,

DIY Veggie Gardener and Facilitator

  • - as there is often the presence of toxic chemicals and pesticide residues in these foods
  • - with, genetically modified organisms in food that cannot be metabolized by our bodies
  • - and finally food may be irradiated in the name of food safety

If you're interested in living a healthy, active life then it's prudent to avoid such foods.

Joining the Vital Veggies Gardening Community will see you eating fresh veggies from your very own garden faster than you think.

Bon Appetit,


Roger Carthew and the Vital Veggies Team!

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Vital Veggies has been some twenty years in the making. Roger Carthew, the founder of Vital Veggies has always had an interest in food, growing food and how it contributes to human health. Using his knowledge, he has drawn together everything required for the growing of food, so it is nutrient dense and healthy.

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Consider it, in the western world, one percent of the population grows all of the food; this historically low number is considered a measure of how advanced and clever we are but perversely, it poses a massive challenge should anything befall this group.

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Hi, I'm Roger Carthew, the founder of Vital Veggies. Personally I like to look after my own health. That means taking care of your body with some exercise and good nutritious food. Exercise I had covered with running, bushwalking and surfing.

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