How we care

When you join us at Vital Veggies, "Your garden is our garden."

Working with us at Vital Veggies, everyone in the entire team gardens for you as if it were their own personal garden.  Every thought is, “would I do that in my veggie garden”? Would I be happy to eat that produce?

Our expertise in growing food organically and biologically is outstanding and the culmination of twenty three years of research, reflection and practical experience where we’ve got down and our hands dirty.

Our effort is always to give you the best outcome possible in your veggie garden and all the building blocks to achieve this are covered firstly with the soil, then with additions of compost, then with biology and regular foliar feeds and finally with regular yearly soil tests that give us direction for soil amendments and other correctives for the next season.

There’d be very few home gardeners that have such a thorough, professional approach to growing produce.  We can do it because we do it for many veggie gardens and can spread the cost over all our installed gardens.

Nature and what this means for us growing produce

Having attended to all of the above, it’s really important for you to be aware of how variable results can sometimes be. For example, the weather with extreme heat or cold can reduce growth rates. Then there are the seasons – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Produce is seasonal and where the major supermarkets would lead us to think otherwise, produce varies with the time of the year. Extreme events can kill plants and in such circumstances; we replace them for you at no cost - but maybe you’ve lost several weeks of growth in the process? 

All these things and more have to be managed and are part of developing a keen awareness of how our food supply can vary based on these events.

At Vital Veggies we will replace those plants lost to the ravages of nature, its part of our offer to get you into trouble free gardening.

We do however ask you take effective controls to stop rodents and birds from eating what you ought to be eating.

Then, nature does not always give us picture perfect produce. What’s important is taste and overall quality. You can trim around a blemish in the skin and discard it. It’s food and if you’ve grown it with Vital Veggies help, eating it is the wise choice.

At Vital Veggies we provide the foundation to a healthy, productive garden and then we have to see what nature does to us.

Oh and finally, watering is your responsibility.  We want to see you succeed and failure due to overlooking watering in the dry seasons is frowned upon. Remember what we said, we consider your garden ours so please water. Once we might understand, but twice would be beyond our co-operative task of growing fresh, healthy produce for you.

Finally, we remain always at your service. Call us and we’ll help you make gardening a pleasure and a success.   Send us photos of your results or do posts on Facebook for us.