The home veggie garden dilemma

There's every chance you're one of thousands that would have a garden if you had enough knowledge and time to manage the whole thing.

All one has to do is walk into a hardware store or a nursery and you'll be confronted with so many products to care for your garden you'll be overwhelmed. Really you need the knowledge of an agronomist to make an informed decision

And what are you to do
if you get verticillium wilt?
Verticillium wilt
A problem with
Cabbage moths
and caterpillars

The growing of food requires time, space, knowledge and access to inputs.

Each by themselves can be a huge impediment to starting to grow your own food, especially organically – biologically and sustainably. 

For many of us, busy lifestyles are already filled and there is no prospect of finding more time in the day. In this case, that's where the Vital Veggies service now makes it feasible to have your own veggie garden.

For many, space is a serious concern as more of us live in apartments and medium density living. However, with a 5 metres square garden and sunlight you can start a garden that gives you a taste for growing food.

Identified as one of the largest barriers to starting a garden, is a lack of knowledge. For the average home owner, the investment in time and energy to acquire this understanding is beyond reasonable expectations. One only needs to wander into a major supplier to the home gardener to get the feeling that you need a university degree in horticulture or agronomy. Vital Veggies has taken away all those requirements and gives you the softest, easiest start to home gardening. The Vital Veggies super soil just makes life so easy.

Finally, many of the inputs used in organic – biological gardening are obscure and will rarely be found in your local hardware or nursery. We found this when we started Vital Veggies and have had to spend many hours finding and establishing those supplier relationships that allow us to get these materials. Usually they are in large containers in bulk lots that are way beyond the feasibility for a home gardener to find, buy and use within a lifetime.

Any one of these factors by themselves will stop you gardening. Other than the issue of space, Vital Veggies solves every issue and makes gardening easy for you right from the start. Making you a successful gardener is what Vital Veggies does.

You can go and stare at that aisle in the hardware store knowing, you'd never have to be concerned.

If you want to learn, then that can happen at a pace you're okay with. Take your time and learn from the team of Vital Veggies Master gardeners with their every visit. 

Vital Veggies makes starting to garden easy.  Please call us now.  

Vital Veggies set out to address every one of these problems and more, growing produce in your backyard, organically – biologically in a way that ensures the food in fresh and bounding with nutrients.

Contact us now to book your garden installation and be free to enjoy fresh veggies sooner!