Hoop Houses for vegetable gardens and fruit trees

Hoop houses for raised vegetable gardens

Pesky birds, possums, rodents and cold, cold nights can make a mess of your vegetable garden. However, your raised beds can be fitted with hoops to provide a structure on which to hang protective netting, shade cloth or horticultural plastic sheeting.

We prefer to install the internal hoop house structures at the time of building your garden bed as once the beds are filled with soil, it is a more complicated and costly process.

Once you have a hoop house over your raised bed vegetable garden, you'll be fully maximizing the potential of your garden and enjoying so much more fresh food all year round.

A hoop house with white netting over a raised timber garden bed.

A hoop house with black netting over a galvanised garden bed.

Hoop houses can be covered with horticultural plastic to create
a hot house so you can grow a greater selection of vegetables all year round!

Hoop houses for fruit trees

Hoop structures and white bird netting or black plastic netting can also be installed over fruit trees to minimize bird and possum damage. Protect your precious fruit harvest!

A hoop tunnel is an economical way to protect a line of fruit trees

For single trees we recommend a double hoop and
netting which is high enough and wide enough to
protect the canopy and new season's growth.