Garden Site Selection

Selecting a good site for your garden is one of the most important decisions in the early stages of making a garden. A good choice will see the amenity of your garden escalate. So, in locating your garden you need to look at; what space you are able to devote to a garden compared with other activities, where you can locate the garden so it's closely accessible for both gardening and harvesting what you grow, then, if you have a patch of ground that is growing good weeds; that will grow a good garden. Closely related to this, is if you can find an area with above average fertility. Also, having the garden near where you can have a worm farm and / or a compost heap are greatly beneficial. Almost universally having a supply of water will aid the productivity of your garden and is quite possibly essential. Good access is useful for a whole range of reasons so keep this in mind as well.

Finally and in fact the most important is access to the sun. There is no value having a garden unless your veggie patch can get at least six hours of sun a day and generally, the more the better. In establishing this, watch for the shade of trees and buildings as the sun follows its transit across the sky.  Take into account the lowest position of the sun in winter and it's both summer and winter sunrise and sunset positions when you look at shade. Especially important is the shade that may be cast across a garden in the depths of winter by trees and buildings.   To help you do this, you'll discover a fantastic tool right here. Otherwise, the team at Vital Veggies can help.

Once you've covered all the points above, you're at the stage where you'll be ready to prepare the site and if using raised bed gardens, check out the selection from Vital Veggies.

The use of raised beds in gardening goes back centuries and is based on the ability of the soil to be well draining and energetically a raised bed garden makes a superior garden bed, according to Rudolf Steiner, the father of biodynamics.